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What's it all about? Some of the basics about Airsoft.
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Welcome to Tea & Medals

 Welcome to Tea & Medals.

 This is my long standing (some might say long in the tooth) guide to Airsoft. It exists to provide basic information on the sport to newcomers, and has the occasional review, how-to guide or ramblings on some matter or other. It's not here to get exclusive scoops, generate revenue, promote my youtube channel (since I don't have one).

 The site got its own domain on October 2001, and it was sitting on Demon before then. So that's over 14 years it's been running. On reflection, I *really* should have bought into the whole paid adverts thing...

Ah well, hindsight is a wonderful thing. Feel free to have a look around and see if you can find something useful.



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Airsoft Weapons

  • AEG's
  • Gas Guns
  • Spring guns

Automatic Electric Guns are the most common type of airsoft weapons. They use a battery to turn a motor, which then turns gears to pull back a piston, that releases and provides the air to fire the bb.

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Gas powered weapons use either liquid gas or High Pressure Air to propel the BB.

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Although all AEG's are technically spring powered, this category refers specifically to those weapons which are manually cocked by the user, such as bolt action sniper rifles. Although traditionally "springers" were the cheapest of guns, nowdays the bolt actions are well respected.

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